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3D/ 4D VOLUSON E8 BT13 Ultrasound Machine

Owing to three-dimensional pregnancy imaging technology, it is possible to obtain foetus images in spatial dimensions either after proper digital signal processing (3D imaging) or live (4D imaging).

When compared to traditional ultrasound scanning, 3D/ 4D spatial imaging is more accurate in detecting foetal anomalies, particularly spinal deformities or lip clefts. It also enables accurate imaging of the reproductive system defects and pathologies (uterine anomalies, adnexal tumors, etc.).

The state-of-the-art ultrasound machine purchased by the Citomed Clinic and the highly trained medical personnel guarantee the quality of obstetric and gynaecological diagnostics and provide top quality non-invasive prenatal screening.

What is the difference between 3D and 4D ultrasound?

During 3D ultrasound scanning, the foetus can be seen on the screen as a fixed three-dimensional solid. The image of the selected body part can be rotated and viewed in multiple planes. 3D ultrasound can be compared to a photo taken with a camera – details of the foetus’s face and body become visible, owing to which the parents can see their baby before it is even born.

During 4D ultrasound scanning, the 3D image is recorded in motion. The parents can see their baby “live” when it is turning or pulling faces. 4D ultrasound can be compared to a clip recorded with a camera.

Performed in most Polish clinics and hospitals, standard 2D ultrasound scanning produces images that only the machine operator can interpret. The 3D/ 4D technology allows the parents to visualize their baby clearly before it is born, thus making them overcome with unprecedented excitement and emotion. For the physician, it provides the opportunity to see the foetus’s body more closely and gather additional information about it. It is worth remembering that 3D ultrasound incorporates 2D ultrasound scanning, owing to which the physician can still assess the foetus’s development and its internal organs.

All parents expecting a baby and interested in 3D/ 4D ultrasound are welcome to contact the New Gynaecology Medical Centre.

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