Medical Diet and Weight Loss Centre

Medical Diet and Weight Loss Centre - General Information

We help our patients fight overweight, their health improvement being our main objective. We detect and treat diseases related to weight disorders. We approach weight loss comprehensively, relying on the diagnostic capacity of our clinic and consulting a number of our specialists.

We try to identify the somatic problems that may be the source of weight disorders.

We provide support from:
  • internal medicine specialists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, diabetologists, gynaecologists and psychologists.
We do:
  • laboratory tests,
  • densitometric examination (Body Compose), which measures the actual muscle to fat ratio and bone mineral density.

All the above procedures enable us to determine optimal diet therapy, which includes education, a customised diet plan and treatment effectiveness monitoring.

Additionally, our patients can benefit from: 
  • psychological support,
  • supportive treatment (recreational packages from the Orvit Clinic),
  • treatments after weight loss: body shaping, lipolysis and other aesthetic medicine procedures recommended by our specialists from DermEe – Medical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

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