Healthy Eyes. Laser Ophthalmology Centre

Healthy Eyes. Laser Ophthalmology Centre - General Information

Our specialty are tests for the early detection of glaucoma:
  • GDxVCC and GDxECC: measurement of retinal nerve fibre layer,
  • computer perimetry (visual field test),
  • pachymetry - measurement of corneal thickness, also before laser eye surgery.
The YAG/ SLT laser enables our physicians to perform the following procedures:
  • posterior capsulotomy (secondary cataract),
  • iridotomy (iris incision),
  • SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty).
We perform ophthalmological procedures and surgeries:
  • laser vision correction – LASIK,
  • cataract surgery – phacoemulsification,
  • upper and lower eyelid correction.
The newest procedure at the centre is the spectral domain optical coherence tomography performed with the use of SOCT COPERNICUS - a state-of-the-art non-invasive retinal imaging technique.

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